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10 смена 2021г.
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Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok


The Pharmacy for a Soul is the name given to a library in Orlyonok. It is not an ordinary book store but a museum, a club, a theatre, and an information centre.

Each room here ‘tells’ us about something special. There are always unusual exhibitions and expositions set up here such as My Country Orlyonok, Inhabitants of the Seabed, Traditional Russian Dolls, The Diamond Fond of Recollections, and a unique exhibition An Autograph to Remember. They all encourage us to read, make us eager to unveil secrets of mystery rooms. Many unforgettable meetings with children’s story writers, prominent arts and culture figures, politicians, scientists, and sportsmen are held in the library.

Japanese architectural style is the basic style of the library building. Shingle of different colours, small pieces of smalt, and even some small pieces of gold were used to artistically design mosaic walls.

The Pharmacy for a Soul has a unique library stock (more than 60,000 books). It contains works of the world best writers and a versatile collection of films.

Any idea, offer, or wish a reader comes up with is kindly welcomed here.

The doors of the Pharmacy of a Soul are always open!

Interesting to note!

The Pharmacy for a Soul has existed since the time of Egyptian pharaohs. The same caption was carved over the entrance to the well-known Ramesseum Temple built by Pharaoh Ramesses II.

One of the oldest cloistral libraries of the world located in the Abbey of Saint Gall in Switzerland is called the Pharmacy for a Soul as well.