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10 смена 2021г.
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Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok


According to the government decision of the Russian Federation, Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok is included in the National Registry of Designated Sites.

Guard duties are performed by police officers of Privately Provided Security Department for Tuapse Region and by On-site Regime Service of Orlyonok.

Since Orlyonok constitutes as a closed recreation territory, a specially issued safe conduct is required, or if a necessary stay within the Centre is reasonably proved, a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation can also be accepted.

All educational, recreational, sport, cultural and other events with campers are carried out under the leadership of competent teachers (instructors), kindergarten teachers, and medical officers, in strict adherence to drawn up guidelines making up the compilation of legal documents Life and Health Security and Safe Living Conditions of Children in Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok.

When bathing, safety of campers, guests and staff members of Orlyonok is provided by Water Safety Service cooperating with workers of Kuban-Spas, a Tuapse rescue unit. The unit has modern equipment to conduct rescue operations at sea and to go backpacking.

The Health Department ensures health safety, contagious decease prevention, and implementation of necessary activities if they arise. The staff consists of more than 100 specialists: doctors and nursing staff.

All teaching employees take special training and retraining on safe living conditions of a camper at the Centre.

The On-site Regime Service employees work round-the-clock in each camp; they are equipped with telephone and radio facilities. When preparing for public events, counterterrorist measures are taken. The whole territory of Orlyonok is patrolled by Privately Provided Security Department officers working by the Chief Administration of Internal Affairs for Krasnodar Territory.

Special attention is paid to fire safety of campers. Fire brigade No. 58 of Tuapse unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations lives and works on the territory of Orlyonok. All camps are fitted with an up-to-date fire warning system. Every session children take part in game trainings where they practice evacuating and behaving in case of emergency or fire threat. All Orlyonok employees take special training on safety protection by any threat for a camper.

When children visit historic centres of Krasnodar Territory, their safety at Orlyonok transport is provided by officers of the Road Traffic Safety Department.

The Civil Defense and Emergency Division monitor the fire protection system, the readiness of children and staff members for any emergency situation of man-made or natural character.

The Labour and Environment Protection Division take control over all guidance documents on life and health protection of campers and employees. It coordinates guidance development on different types of activity of campers.

Orlyonok provides children with all conditions to spend time interestingly and safely without feeling round-the-clock concern over security of their parents.